Anonymous asked:

What's it like being a trans mom? Do you think it's any harder than being a cis parent?

chaotic-katie answered:

Honestly don’t see myself any different than a cis mom and it’s not any harder than a cis parent. In fact all of my friends and family have told me numerous times that the just see me as a loving mom to my kids just like any other mom. For the most part as of right now the vast majority of the parents of my kids friends don’t know that i’m trans nor is it any of their business. My ex-wife and I just act like we were a once married lesbian couple who had kids and divorced. My kids call me either mommy or Katie which at times gets me some interesting looks but nobody has ever said a word about it and the boys and I go everywhere together like any other mom with her kids. I know as my kids get older more questions from them and their friends will come up but for now that’s the way things are and I handle them one day at a time. But as far as it being any harder I don’t think so. I see myself as a normal loving and caring parent of my children.